The Beginning

I think my First Quick press should be about the platform/foundation of my blog, to give you an idea the purpose of this, where i want it to go, who inspired and nje to introoduce myself.

First things first, i’m not your Average Social Network sites fan, my facebook account got to a point where i deactivated it because it was taking too much of my time, as for Twitter Gawsh that thing sometimes i get it, and other days i just dont. some of my friends have said ngiyachosha because i hardly communicate with them, and it’s simple (i dont have all the time on my hands) to comment, like statuses, chat, retweet, reply blah blah blah… this blog is created so that my friends and those that i am yet to meet find out what i am up to. we doing it current affair style, the ins and the outs of it all, for weight (Food and Gym will cover) my friends with Relationship problems (Love will Cover) your what to wear (Fashion and Accessories will cover) i’m using this blog to make him and her and theirs come together,

Advises, suggestions and links can be forwaded to

this blog will connect you and i. what ever you got on your mind, drop me a line and will put it up.

lets have fun, share, educate, help and just laugh together 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Its about time that we have something different in the social media, I also came to a point were i didn’t find the use of FB, and when it came to Twitter am just hopeless, I don’t even understand what people find interesting about it. Am so glade that u have decide to take a different route of communication. Thank you.

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