The girl next door?!?! Friend, Sister, B*&h the enemy.

I’m all for meeting new people, I pretty much make friends everyday. I love people that move, dream, able to tell a story that can build the next person, friends that can tell me when I’m wrong. Those that can tell the truth when I’m wearing the wrong outfit. Some have stayed longer than others, I have so many categories of friends. Others fall as my sisters, my bi*&hes and my enemies.
Yep I got them all because each one of them brings something into my life. In the recent years I have learned to let go of toxic friends but these days I’ve decided to keep the few that’s left, because they just motivate me everyday to be better than I was yesterday. Well they have their own way of doing it, they do it thee negative way. So another person can see that as a way to bring yourself down. But I just read their ways the other way around. #Get a life and stop trying to F around with mine!!

And then comes the ENEMY, the one that is envious about everything that is you…. I have one or maybe two or maybe three of those my gawsh don’t they know how to convince you that they hate everything about you. Funny it is when they end up trying to be like you from the way you dress, where you hang, the company you keep and the guy you call your man. Kwaaaa I remember someone telling me that there is two types of jealousy the “I wanna be like her jealousy” and then there’s the “I so wish something bad can happen to her” who the F does she think she is jealousy. So bo Miss Cruela I don’t know which jealousy they fall under. But friends be aware of those. #Nigger please!!!

Along the way comes Miss B*&h!!! Oi this one sure knows how to scratch
Your back. Fortunately I haven’t come across one of those. But along the stream of my friends they have experienced miss “I steal friends man” eish this one is total danger. For every little fight, argument or problem you share with her about your relationship she will always be the one encouraging you to end it. The guy is just not worth the tears, you’re beautiful and you deserve better. Blah blah blah advices coming from her. A month later you discover she has been shagging what you called YoUR man. Ay o yena ke Wolf in a sheep skin. I read on twitter someone wrote: “I won’t get married first before my best friend, because I know she’ll sleep with my man” he he he! Yah Such ne – bleak O_o #Stay away from me and my things!!

And then there was the Angel, the saint, miss perfect miss better than all of us. I’m sure we all have that one ane! The one whose Degree is better than yours, her family, her man, her clothes everything nje is better. She has better stories. She is that friend that when you have problems to not go to because she sure will rub her better life out of your miserable self. She is that one that doesn’t have a bad story to tell. Her life has been such a cruise. The one that has it all. @ your weakest never ever go to this one for a shoulder to cry on. She will make you feel twice little than you were before you went to her. Don’t worry much about them because you know what. They have not been living. Life is about happiness, being angry, disappointments, laughter, tears, sadness, heartaches/breaks, joy, Lahlum’lenze lol and everything else. The negative and the positive that you’ve experienced in life be grateful, it shows you are living life. Unlike miss goodie two shoes whose only had a smooth sail. #Child I cannot deal with you!!

This one I don’t know which category they’ll fall under. But will name her miss drama. This one is really good actually brilliant in counting problems. Seeing mistakes all the time. If she is not fighting le mang mang from work, or school or wherever she spends most of her time @ she is complaining about how not fair her folks are to her, if its not the boyfriend or husband letting her down all the time she is complaining about how God has not been showing favour to her. Lurkkkkk really missy???!!! This kind of friend needs to do some introspection about herself, she needs to wake up and realize that life owes her nothing get up when you get scratched, scratch back. And stop wiyning about how bi*&h life is!!! And stay away from me in the meantime until you get yourself fixed. #Suck it up like the rest of us!!!

Hooooooooo and then there’s that one. Miss borrow money, and disappear, kwaaa! Miss borrow me clothes and never return, miss I’m broke all the time! Miss I only hang with you when the sun is shining (money wise) when hard times hit you, she is nowhere to be found. Yes the Cash Cow buddy. You see this one knows how to have fun @ other peoples expense, and most of these kinda miss borrow friends heish they love fancy life, you enjoy their company because they talk a lot. Mara these once don’t ever ever count on them! #she keeps the change kwaa!!!

Okay this one I don’t know how to describe, not many words for her but she is the friend only when you see her, never call, email, text or visit so she is boring and you shouldn’t really consider her a friend. #know your type!!!!

Writing about the next category friend just lits up my heart. This one I call a sister. Yep she is the self picked family member. This one represents you. If you want people to know you better refer them to this one. Wabona if you ever ever in your life come across a friend that falls as a sister be happy be glad because those are scares these days. This is one or maybe two or maybe three person who you know you’ve got your back covered. I have a few of those. And they are for keeps. For life!!! No matter how low you may feel, how sad you may be how difficult it may seem this one will make you smile just nje. They soothe the pain, the scars, disappointments and are there when its all glory and happiness. Darkness and rainy days. This friend will be with you in the hardest times. From fights with other friends, to work and family politics and nje about you. Yall know what I’m talking about. She deserves a gold star on her forehead for being an angel and she deserves to be reminded how much she is appreciated in your life.
#Honey you just make the world feel like Jellytots!!!

I am the girl next door too perhaps one of those girls characters to some of my friends, but child yall know I try to be a good sister lol. We all have our moments and sometimes we act just a little like our sisters mentioned. Like I said in life you: smile, cry, become sad, ujabule, lahlum’lenze just because nje so kancane nje we are all allowed to be friends next door.

Until next time – keep the sisterly love going.



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