Youre not doing me a favour.

Everybody knows that the best writing is done by those that write from within, some of the posts that I’ve done a few that readers can tell when I was “in the zone” and when I wrote just to post something, and its true the posts that got most favorites/views were those I probably shed a tear writing, some have stuck to you more than others, having done that I have commanded the reader’s attention and you guys got forced to read my entire work. Some people may refrain from writing such articles as it fools people into thinking that they now have an exclusive insight as to who the author is. I find that I have exhausted all the personal topics. Although I have been told that I come out as a very emotional person when people read the stuff that I write. This time I will allow the psychologist and geniuses to be fooled and write what is personal to all of us and which a lot of people out there will relate.

I have found that we have bestowed the remote control to our feeling upon the hands of those around us. Some of us may go on the “thick skin” tip where we pretend that nobody can keep us down. The sad thing is that nobody has a skin thick enough to avoid feeling something when those that you hold dear to you say unpleasant things about you. The world has tricked us into believing that the saying, “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, should apply in every aspect of your life. We are of the belief that we are meant to co-exist and that those that do not are miserable. Thus we find ourselves trying to reaffirm that we are creatures of co-existence by surrounding ourselves with people that can only be described as baggage. People that are worth keeping are those that make a positive contribution to your life. Having said all of the above, I am brought to what really inspired me writing this peace.

This is something that has found me at a point where I have had to distance myself from people that I have considered friends and family. Yes, family. My version of distance is not to completely cut someone off but it is to place that person in a position where what they say falls into deaf ears. A place where you do not have to see them unless it is really necessary. A place where you are civil when around them and you are still able to converse and share a joke or two. This is a matter of friends, lovers and family that make you feel that they are doing you a favour by associating themselves with you.

I find nothing more insulting than a “friend”, “lover” or “family” member that will air out your flaws and then end the character assassination by the fact that they tolerate you because they love you. This annoys the hell out of me because in all of the cases, the person that says that is the one person that you take a lot of crap from. If the order of the day was not to tolerate any crap from anybody, nobody would have a friend for more than two months. The truth of the matter is that we are all full of shit and those close to us tolerate our flaws because of the positive things that we are contributing to their lives. That being said, I have not met anybody that qualifies to assassinate another person’s character and tell them that they tolerate that person because they love them. Nobody.

I am the type of person that always reflects upon his personality. I know my weaknesses and strengths. I live with me everyday, I would be an idiot to think that I am the perfect human being to be friends, lovers or related with. I know that I’m a self-righteous son of a bitch, I do not bite my tongue for anybody, I can be a royal asshole, I get an orgasm when I get what I want, I’m allergic to stupid people who say stupid things with conviction and I have no filter between my mouth and brain; therefore shit just flows through. I say things daily that surprise as much as they surprise the next person.

The flip side of the above is that I am as loyal as a dog to those close to me, I am honest and dependable, I am generally a warm individual, I am fun to have around and when I invite you into my life; you feel the love and care. That’s all I have to offer. Heck, that’s all I got. I always encourage people to spend time with themselves and discover their draw cards and things that other people might find unsavoury. Having done that, go on and take the top 10 people that you surround yourself with and do the same for them. After you compare notes you will realise that nobody is doing you a favour by being your friend. Nobody in your life can stand in front of you and act like being your friend equates to what Christ did for you. I advise you that the next person that brings up your flaws and then tell you “but I love you regardless”, flex your tongue and lips and then play the very same card to them brutally and ensure that when you reach your full stop; they have that blank expression and shock that one gets when they hear “you have insufficient finds to make a call. Please recharge.”

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