My Jwanasburg

Kwandonga ziyaduma, Kanyama ayipheli kuphela amazinyo wendoda…. Its a home to a thousand. Its brought so many different people and have separated others. Its called the place of Gold. Its a desired place to live in for those that don’t know you, and you’re such a hell hole to those you’ve “ruined lives” for. Many have left home because of you…. Everyone wants a piece of you…. They’ll love you and hate you Jozi, kodwa ngeke bakucede. They’ve called you names and others have nothing but praises of you…. IGoli, Jozi, I call you my jwanasburg.

You have been nothing but a reality to me, you’ve allowed people to be themselves, you’ve allowed people to dream, and not worry about what the next person may say. You’ve shuttered and ended peoples lives. You’ve made others a success. I don’t blame you Goli you are still nothing but a reality. You test peoples characters and you’re the play ground to show themselves who they are. Many come to you with already pictures in their minds of what you are made of. Yes you are the city of Gold, a place of hope and dreams. The city that doesn’t sleep. A land of opportunities. Uveza okleva neziphukuphuku. Abakwazi kahle are 6 feet under others are living in porche sections of you. You are my Goli.

I met you when I was young. When I came with a school trip. You were so packed, and buzzing with a lot of people. I didn’t want to leave here. It was too busy and cluttered. I wondered to myself why do people love you so much. It was only when I grew older that I realised what you are made of. They love you and they hate you. But you will still remain Jwanasburg.

You’ve restored broken dreams, and shuttered many too. Like I said you are one place to show ubani ukleva nokuthi ubani isiphukuphuku. You are nothing but a reality. You’ve shaped peoples lives. You’ve destroyed others. You’ve built and you’ve destroyed. But you still are My Jwanasburg.

There is no other place like you. There is only one you. Many provinces have tried to be you – kodwa cha wena you’re the City of Gold. Companies that run the economy of this country reside here. Politicians, families, people from other countries call you a home.
They can love and hate you but you will remain My Jwanasburg.


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2 thoughts on “My Jwanasburg

  1. Wow u really r talented,the way u jst pour yr soul u r gud @ this.knowing how private u r this is a huge step. KEEP IT UP

  2. U just too gud yaz angaz nam how u do it,just reminded me of da passion i had in high school.

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