My 2012 letter

Man I missed writing. I needed inspiration! Been hectic. Hope I wasn’t missed too much…. I’m back and happy 2012 to you and you and you and you.

This is the first post to my blog for 2012. It will be my letter to the year. Already we are a month and weeks into the year and man oh man zillion things have happened around me.

2011 (heaven) what what came and left. When it started each and everyone had hopes and dreams. Some came true some didn’t. Some were promising eish some were just an epic fail lorl.

I don’t want to write much about the year ahead. Don’t want to jinx things. But what I’ll say is may all our dreams, plans and hope come true.

In a nutshell I pray for prosperity, mental and spiritual growth! Success to all of us. Money, business, carriers and may we all be rich in our hearts, Our souls. May we learn to love and enjoy and experience the love in return. It is the most beautiful thing. Cherish it when you find/found it. Never give up growing, learning and working hard towards your dream.

Todays youth we work 9-5 and take work home to work some more to make enough money so that when we are older we won’t have to work sooo hard. Let us be wise with the company that we keep. Let us make the right choices. I know know I know life doesn’t come with a manual and it won’t happen according. So please let us quit the judging.

Let us use the people around us mistakes as a guide to our lives so that we don’t repeat them. Because eish they are costly maan.

Overall kiddies, hunnies and buddies let’s have a beautiful year. Make 2012 the best you’ve ever had. See yah on the next post.

Lotz and lotz of luvvies from your bubbly me.

Thank you!


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