Love tickles me

Love tickles me

His not perfect, I’m not either, I smile when I think of him because he makes me happy, I yell at him when he makes me mad, I miss him when his not around me, I know he doesn’t think about me all the time – yet he gave me a part of him that I could break *His Heart*, I won’t hurt him, I will give him all the love I have which he deserves. His not perfect, but he is perfect for me.

Off guard he noticed me, he took notice of me, yes he noticed me,

We both came from different backgrounds, have different beliefs, shared almost different dreams….. Really! Could we work, is this right, Lunga what are you doing…. Those are a few things I asked myself when we started getting close. Yes I liked him, I enjoyed our daily conversations, how he presented himself to me. He was such a gentlemen. And damn handsome. Kodwa his life was what I tried to run away from!

I look at us now – damn opposites do attract!

This man taught me patience. No wait he showed me patience. Ofcourse we would hang out, planned this and that, called each other an item….. But I still wasn’t sure we will be where we are today. I thought we’d be done before one could finish the word re-la-ti-on-sh-ip.

Aha we are still together, beating the odds that didn’t believe in us. For every downfall, every fight, every argument we’ve had has brought us even closer. Yes we’ve had our first maybe second fight/argument. But its never hurt like this before. I still don’t see myself being anywhere else but with him! He has been in my life for a moment but his presence is felt and seen. The happiness he brings me is unexplainable, He has made an impact a positive one. And is now such a special person. When I’m troubled his the first I think of to cry to, when I’m happy he is the one I call and share the news with. He has become a friend of mine. I can share anything with him. Yes we are buddies. He is my partner, my friend, the one I talk to everyday. He is my other part.

He is my love. He is my man, he is my friend, he is what I prayed for from God and more. He is what I call my dream man. He happened to be in my life when my soul was troubled! And wiped away all the pain I had carried with me for so long. He made me believe in love again, he brings sunshine and happiness with him. He gave me good days. And yah 1 or 2 sad days but that’s what makes him human, he is a living being that is not perfect. He makes his mistakes and learns from them. I’m glad he acknowledges them

He speaks to me in a manner a man should speak to his woman. He treats me the way I want to be treated. I am such a happy woman knowing I have him in my life.

I see my kids through him! I see a man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I wish his mom where she is knows that she raised a man, a real good man and he is making a woman very happy, yes ME happy! His mother did well, I’m sure she is proud of him and herself. I wish to have met her just to say thank you for the man he raised up.

His name is Thulebona! Don’t be asking me about his surname. You’ll start to google him lol. His taken. His mine.

This is him! What I have waited for….. This morning he said to me “the saying good things are worth waiting for” then I am the example. He says all the right words. He is a dream I don’t wish to wake up from.

I pray for God to protect him, and be with us in everything we do! He is my Thulebona. What is important to him, is important to me. His son, his work, his happiness, his worries and alles.

He is the man that makes me happy, next to my dad! May we grow together and our love. And achieve all the dreams we’ve set for ourselves. And may I continue to respect him, cherish him, and remind him he is loved and is important. May we be happy and stick together through the good and the bad.


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One thought on “Love tickles me

  1. ok now u make me wanna dump what i have 4 anyone who would make me talk like that…. *sweet*. Now thats love

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