The wonderful season winter is

We get four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer Autumn.

So we are now at the end of Autumn and getting right into winter lol! I purely love this season because of my skin, and hate it because I’m forced to wear many clothes therefore I ignore how much calories I take and boom clothes don’t fit no more but oh well whose watching who lol. It is such a relaxing season. I also love it for the nice coats, and boots and hats. I’m a fashion frenzy kinda girl Ow-Ka-y!!!

I’ve heard others say it is the season to get partners with extra meat in their bones to keep them warm during those cold cold days hahaahahahhahahah do people still think that way? *shocked* I read on twitter Somizi wrote something like “if you’re about to dump your partner, just hang in there until the winter season is over, Kuyabanda bantu” kwaaaahahahahhahaha now this cracked me up clearly people still think that way ke.

Anyway my man says it is the season to stay longer in bed hahahahaha. But ke winter days have long nights and short days anyway. Before you know it we’ll all be hitting the gym again to burn the fat and making sure when Spring comes we all look as fly as we can be.

I honestly love winter for many many reasons. This is one period that you’ll find me at home almost every weekend because I’d rather keep warm indoors with loved once (Family) and I’m not sociable at all in winter. So excuse me when I don’t arrange or agree to any gatherings that you may have.

It is one period to stay home and indulge in soups and whatever food there is to pass time and listen to those long once upon a time stories from old folks, or spend quality time with your loved one, friends must just take a breath for the next 8-10 weeks hahahha angdlali kanjani. Amagish gish awame kancane.

But people bafosta and still go out. Hey they gotta show their fashion akere?!?! Yah, and still those in the hunt to get those partners required for the season LMAO!

But ke it is such a lovely season, everything looks dull outside. So make sure you’re keeping it colourful inside your homes and in your hearts. Create those memories with your close once. I know my loved one and I have zillion plans to keep us busy.

To the rest of you hunnies I know some of yall can only think of getting jiggy jiggy with it. But whatever you do scrutinize hahahahhaha *straight face* eish the bunnies will start showing when Summer comes lol. And enjoy the season.

Laugh, have fun, keep warm, make sure you enjoy your food and don’t worry about calories… And still rock those awesome many clothes winter fashion has. From me to you and you and you its love, love and love straight from my heart to you.

Whatever you do please enjoy the wonderful season winter is ♥.


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