Religion vs Tradition

The other day I had a very interesting talk with Thuli, we talked about Tradition and Religion – how those two combine, that’s if they ever do.

My man is Traditional and he understands amasiko better than Religion, that’s how he was brought up. So he does what he knows. Myself on the other hand I’m more of a “Spiritual” person. I don’t like to say I am Religious because I feel it is discriminatory, I prefer the word spiritual because its more of my soul and belief.

We all come from different homes, we were all brought up differently. We were each taught different beliefs, the grown ups that we are today – we do what we know and will pass it onto our children later aswell.

Now my argument comes in – how do we combine the two together. When a couple with a different belief background get together, how do they find a common ground where they both can practice their belief without the other undermining the other? I know a couple that are friends of mine who recently got engaged! God bless their union. The girl was just in the situation as me aswell. But now before they could even start the lobola negotiations – the guy said to her if you want to be my wife you need to follow, respect my belief which is Christianity. And Christianity doesn’t do amadlozi. Now the girlfriend had to quit her belief because she did want to get married to the guy. Its been a year since they’ve been married and it seems they are doing good.

My question is could we/they not find a common ground to both respect each others beliefs without the other party sacrificing their own??? Like this is also happening between friends too. My friends. Even at home. I grew up in the name of isonto, and some of my friend believe in amadlozi! I don’t judge peoples beliefs and values in life. Instead I investigate why they chose one over the other. I prefer to rather understand instead of being ignorant. But I still have un answered question of how people can join those two worlds together with the sacrifise of giving up what you know.

Maybe I need to sit with elders and rather ask them this. I doubt my generation would know.

Anyway I’ll continue investigating. If you have any idea asemblief tog. Do share.


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