The Book of Life

I’m a bible reader. I’m not doing it daily as I used to do, but its purely because I’m too lazy! Not because of time. I have even bunked church these past weekends – and I blame it on weather.

For those that still get shocked that I’m a church goer, and I pray. Seriously dudes I am. I’ve always been a woman of faith. From the days when my grandmother still lived (Sunday School) I grew up in church. Lol I honestly don’t know why people don’t believe I am a spiritual being. Kuyadabukisa ukuzwa lokhu yazi lol.

I feel I’m missing something in my life. And I woke up today and remembered how I used to live by the book of life (Bible). So much has happened in my life these past few months, I started a new relationship, haai its not anymore lol. I’m even getting my man start attending church lol! I’m still struggling ngoba his only been to my Home church once during Easter lol.

I started on a new job. Its keeping me busy and I’m forever exhausted.

I repaired old broken friendship!

I made new friends, I still need to make time for them lol. I started really twitting and I’m glad I understand it now. I bbm less these days. And I’m less on texts and phone calls. I am sort of boring now. Settled! And calm! And I love it.

I’m really thankful for all the new developments in my life. My life is really at its peak, and it is all thanks to God.

But I want to get to my Spiritual self again. So my task this week is to read the bible and pray everyday. I want to tithe in Church again… And perhaps get back into fasting. I want those around me to be just as happy as I am. Ngoba I really really am in a good space. I feel so much love inside me. I have peace and my dreams have just got bigger. I believe in life again. I have a wonderful family. That gives support anytime of the day. I have minimised on friends. And less gish gish vibes.

My real friends have said I stay in (Maratongfontein) hahaha maybe yes I am. But who wouldn’t want to stay here if it makes one so free spirited and happy.

In a nutshel about this post. I am getting back in touch with God. And starting my new communication channel with him on a daily basis.

Proverbs 3v5. One day at a time.

From me to you! Amen.


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