Happy Birthday

My best friend, my lover, my partner, my critic, my advisor, my man, my pillar of strength….. My other half. I don’t have enough words to describe what a Superman you are to me.

This day is yours to celebrate and look at the life you’ve had, you’ve come a long way my love. And you’ve done so well. Wishing God blesses you immensely!!!

I love you so much hun, and I know I tell you this everyday! But today please understand it and don’t read this as words I just wrote for you. I love you Thulebona…. You’re an amazing man and having you in my life has brought so much sunshine.

You’ve held my hand in my weakest sad moments and told me everything is going to be okay. You’ve smiled and always had your way of calming me down when I’ve hit the wall. You’ve cried and shed tears together with me. You’ve kissed me good nights and good mornings everyday since the day we fell in love. You’re an amazing man. You’ve given me smiles and good laughs.

The surprises you always have for me…. What a sport you are. The flowers, the random kisses. And I love youz, the drive when I’m sick to my house, the breakfast and dinners prepared with love don’t go unnoticed baby.

This post is for you and who you are. I’m not the kinda girl that believes in heroes but dayyaam handsome you’re my superman for real for real. Thank you for being you and not compromising yourself to accommodate me, thank you for dreaming together with me. Thank you for telling me there are bigger dreams out there. Thank you for being the hard worker you are and for being the best man a girl could have.

The forehead kisses, the thought of you that gives my stomach feel butterflies. The tear drops you give sometimes when you tell me you love me.

Nothing you do goes unnoticed.

I like what you said the other day: “I’m growing” how you’ve looked at getting a year older as an important thing that one needs to look at. You’re maturing.

I wish God blesses you in all your dreams, hard work and our union.

Crossing fingers you love your present tonight. And the things we planned together.

From me to you, I love you hun.

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