Happy Summer

Hello Summer I have long waited for you, I’m glad you finally decided to grace us with your presence! Your cousin Winter was awesomely awesome this year lol. Myself and a lot of the people around me enjoyed that season! Some just over did things now I need to check my wallet for the next few month to come! I know I’ll be buying a lot of baby shower gifts 🙂 I’m going to be an Aunty to a lot of kids! Two have been confirmed already hahahaha.

Anyway I’m a summer baby! So nje happiness for the summer season is expected! I’m talking braai, music, fashion, dresses, shorts, happy people! Weddings, parties, shades, bright colour! Can we just talk about such happiness lol.

Since spring began I have been almost out every weekend! My Baybee goes where I go 🙂 so nje his in the program of out going people these days hahahahahaha. And yes he ENJOYS it!!!!

Shame we got so disappointed because we wanted to go to the to one of South Africas famous comedy shot! *Shucks* tickets got sold out 😦 but ke! We always have plan B and C. And nje its going to be too nice. Went out on a couples massage! Lord knows how much we needed it!

To you and you and you! Enough time spent indoors during winter! Go out, be with people and enjoy the colourful season. And go to gym *hides* and eat lots of food! And be safe! Stay happy all the time. Life is not that bad I promise you!

Since ya’ll know I am miss delete and block people these days and I mean this in life not just cyber only. I can now count the friends I have and yohhhh kumnandi hey! My life is at ease. My last post was very short! And my so called “ex friends” asked zikhiphani!!!???? Tjo! Can I just have a pause moment and not take such insulting questions to my heart! I’ll die of heart torture if I continue entertaining such emotional bullies.

Anyway enjoy yourselves! Your family, friends, work, and your somebody lol. And go on holidays shame! Forget the days of visiting gogo when you had free time! Travel the world! I know I’ll be far away!

Remember my take a shot left trip advise. For those of you (like me) lol who travel ka budget just go out and do fun. I won’t be near the beach this year! But in a more quiet peaceful place! With small number of people, And my chocolate delicious hunk lol (that’s his pat name at home) ofcourse!!

Enjoy the season kids! Its beautiful, bright, hot!!!! Mabajabule abantu.

Be safe and stay with love.


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