Happy birthday Mama.

Happy Birthday Mama!! Words cannot express the utmost respect and love I have for you! God has indeed Blessed me with a MOTHER! You are my role model, when I become a Mother, I want to Mother my kids in the same way you have Mothered me!! You are truly inspirational, all that you have done brings tears to my eyes! Your husband (uBaba) and I swear that you took a vow that your kids would become your life!!! I think you forgot about yourself and lived for your children! You forgot about yourself but never forgot to be a Mother! You live to be a Mom! You have dedicated your life to your kids. Everything you do is for us!! You were born to be a Mother! You schedule your life around us, as old as I am but I’m still “Lulu” you gave birth to many years ago! I don’t think there is anything you can do but to be a Mother!! I am grateful for you have shown me the depth of unconditional love… I will never be short of love for my Parents showered me with it in abundance! I take that with me to my future family… I fear being a Mother sometimes because I don’t want to give my kids less than what I was given but I am also excited at being a mother because I know I have you to guide me all the way… because the love I will give to my kids is the love I received from my Parents! Mama you are a true epitomy of a Mother! You always tell me being a mother is a full-time job…. I see it with you! ♥! May God keep you for more years as I would love for you to see your grand children. Your Husband watches you with Loving eyes and is probably saying-I chose the right woman to be the mother of my children and best of all the world greatest wife.

As I grew older I understand where your disciplines came from, and we started becoming friends because I could now see your no answers to my silly requests came from. You’re a wonderful wife, a friend but most importantly you’re a MOM to not just the kids you gave birth to but to every kid that walks into your home.
May God bless you richly and I know I won’t win the best daughter of the year award but in my deepest of deepest heart I know I’m one of the best thing in your life. I love you with everything I have. And I’m thankful for my one and only sibling. Our small family you and u-baba gave us. Seeing you guys all of us everyday makes me wish for my own family someday when I’m ready.

I trust I’ll make a good mother and wife one day and that’s because of your teachings, discipline, love,

I honestly am at the point where I understand you the most right now, and before making decisions these days I sometimes think of you and what you’ll tell me if I asked for help.

You’re grounded, down to earth, the worlds most trusting person. I’m happy Baba choose you out of everyone else to build a home with, I know me and him disagree most of the time. But the decision of you he deserves 100/100 he got it right.

If I were to die and come back to earth, I’d choose you to be my mother again and again and again.

Here’s to another year of love, happiness, asking for advises from me lol, tears,

Happy birthday Mama.


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