2012 Memories

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Screams* SO WE EVENTUALLY ENTERED INTO MY SECOND FAVOURITE MONTH!!!!!! Ke Dezemba kids *woop*woop*

Years gone by! Each year one gets in with faith that it will be their year.

Lord you have showed me how loyal you are. How amazing you are. How much yes you can give to a person, I’ve never thought in life a person can experience so much happiness day after day after day after day not just to me alone, but to my loved once too – you’ve given pause to a few of our prayers and it is ok because we know what you have for us is bigger that our own ideas. 2012 haai maan what a beauty you are. I’m so happy! I’ve grown so much…. Through the years that I’ve lived, I’ve hurt, I’ve cried, I’ve failed, I’ve been disappointed! I’ve conquered this year I honestly did rip the seeds i saw with my years experience of living. What I mean about living is (experiencing) Geez if I knew this was the plan you had for my life then I would have not cried on my failures I would have not doubted my abilities, I would have not questioned you.

You are indeed a God! You’re my God. Everyday I wake up to know I am yours. I serve you, I have not been to church in a while again but I’ve learned it really is what’s in my heart that matters. My conversations with you make more sense than they did previously. I’m able to talk and be able to listen to you! Where as previously I’d just talk at you and expect answers immediately. I have grown so much patients. I am so calm I am Sooooooooo Happy Lord. This year is one flippen year where everything fell into place. I guess my growth: spiritually and mentally made me realise to be thankful for my life. I can only live it and no one else will but me. Father you showed me how great I am how I needed to get out of my comfort zone and see the world! I am free from all the anger, hate, sadness I’ve carried with me all this time. I now do things I only thought the next person can do but me and I am doing it effortlessly.

You helped me identify the people I want to stay in my life forever! I have fought for friendship, family and as soon as I surrendered my battles to you I saw how not worth it those fights were. I am at the point in my life where I live to please me, those that aren’t happy can beat it and Man oh man they did beat it. I still have my off days where I miss them, but I know I am really better off without them. I feel – no wait I am having the time of my life. I may not have everything I prayed for this year, I want to go back to my favourite quote to (Never run faster than my guardian angel can fly) I’m traveling God speed. So when it is my time to receive my prayers I know I’ll be ready for it so prepare me Lord.

I am grateful you let me became miserable, down, because I now know the importance of staying grounded, humble, and being able to encourage the next person going through difficulty. I am a living testimony of your word that we all belong to you! And we are here because of you.

Lord I am thankful for my parents that encourage me everyday to be the best I can be, thank you for opening their hearts and home to receive Thulebona and treat him as their own. Thank you for my work and wonderful colleagues. Thank you for the friends in my life, thank you for the family still holding it together. Thank you for my beautiful little sister and her friends who aspire to be like me someday lol – thank you for making me an inspiration to the younger generation, thank you for all the material things I have. Thank you for the man who makes my heart skip a bit Thulebona for teaching me to be a girlfriend 🙂 and loving me so much with everything I have and my flaws too, thank you for all the experiences lord! The good and the bad. But most importantly thank you for the life you have given me. Thank you for the Wisdom you’ve given me. Thank you for everything.

I won’t mention my prayers again because only you and I know what they are God. But please help me stay patient, calm, grounded and most importantly disciplined. Let me love those around me and respect them. Please heavenly Father may 2013 be another beautiful year. Where we find more happiness and make us give happiness too.

2012 it has been good and real and we are thankful! Let’s give 2013 a chance. I believe it will be twice an amazing year. I can’t wait to meet you 2013 I am excitedly excited lol. I pray for my loved once to receive more good next year. Let them stay happy and learn to forgive.

We never could have made it this far without you God! Please be with us now and forever.

Till then, happy season kids. Stay safe.


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