Introducing Mr and Mrs Mncube

A couple of years ago I remember lying on my bed at night, surrendering my everything to God. I was in so much emotional pain, I was miserable, I was in tears. I said the most deepest prayer I probably have ever made in my life. I still consider that conversation with God on that day the most deepest, powerful and closest I’ve been to God. I prayed about a lot of things, I am a praying woman generally, i’m not afraid of kneeling down.

I don’t want to reveal too much details about what the actual prayer was about but it included the man I need. What you need to know is that I have met him, and he is everything and more that I prayed for. How everything together just jelled. We didn’t have to force matters everything just fell into place and how we make each other feel, those close to us know it.

This reminded me about my favorite quote: What’s yours, will never pass you by!!! I now understood why my previous relationship didn’t work. There is a huge difference between my current and my past. Believe me if you’re not meant to be with a certain person, no matter how much you try to be with them it’ll never be. I remember telling munchkins (this is my husband pet name at home) that I prayed for him before I met him. I prayed to God that he prepares me first before I meet my other half. That God gets me right first so that when my Future comes along I’ll be able to recognize him and oh boy. I did!! It may not have been on the first glance but in a short period of time I realized yep this is him.

To my suprise we were sitting talking about life in general and he randomly out of the blue said I want to marry you one day! I want to have children with you! I want to build a home and a family with you! I was in total shock because I was at a point in my life where marriage and kids were a complete off idea. I told him I don’t know when I’ll want to be married or when I want to have my first child and that I wasn’t sure if I wanted kids or not. He looked at me calmly and said if you don’t want children it is fine. But I do want to marry you. This was probably in six months of us in a relationship. I was very shocked!!!!! Yah this man had intentions and was very clear on what they were.

Nonetheless months went by and his actions showed me how worthy of a man he is to fulfill the dreams he has of us in future. My heart warmed up to the marriage idea and having children. It then became our favorite topic to discuss plans of how we want our future to be and how we started planning for it together. This was before he proposed or even sent his uncles for lobola to my family we were already behaving like Mr & Mrs.

He later on told me that he once also prayed for a woman like me to God before he met me. He prayed for a best friend, companion, a wife and a mother to his children, And looking into my eyes he said he believes he has found his missing rib. I don’t think writing this would describe the beautiful feeling I had in my soul and heart at that moment. Looking into him and feeling those words fill me inside an empty space I didn’t know I even had.

I wouldn’t say our relationship is perfect. We fight like other people and wont talk to each other for a while until we’ve calmed down. But when we get along you’d swear we didn’t have a fight earlier on. We love each other like siblings. If I didn’t know I’d say I love him like a brother I never had. I’ve had to shape this man to be my husband just as he has shaped me to be his wife. We’ve both been learning everyday that we live we try to make our marriage better day by day.

Through the power of our prayers a few years back we are today Mr & Mrs Mncube. I’m a wife to my best friend. I’m his missing rib. My other half!!!

I know people ask about how he proposed!!! He he he. Someday I’ll write a special piece of how he actually caught me off guard one faithful evening and brought me to happy tears on his one knee with the bling bling on his hand. Funny !! he made me choose a ring design months earlier and oh well he had to wait for it to be made! He went as far as doing the trick while im sleeping to measure my finger and make sure the ring will fit, Until the special day came!!! off guard he called me by my full name 🙈🙈 Nokulunga Portia Mahlangu!!! Yuuuuuuuu my heart pumped so hard! my eyes filled with tears! i lost my voice! the rest is history!……

Our tradition is sooooo fascinating!!!! Taking a wife is quiet a process! Before we even get to lobola negotiations the culture we both had to perform to inform ancestors about welcoming a new member into our families. Those who have done It know how beautiful our tradition is.

Today I am Thulebona Mncube wife Mzilankatha!!!! I have a home to build, umyeni to take care of. Future to prepare for our children. Over all I have a life to celebrate and live. God to praise and always remember that we have and we are what we are because of the powers of the most high. If you know God! You’ll know how important maintaining that relationship is! Everything just follows. I’m not writing this to show off …. But someone somewhere will learn from this post and understand that we become what we say about ourselves. Therefore it is very important to speak life when you speak about yourself. I am the living proof.

With that! Enjoy love! And celebrate everyday God gives you with everyone around you.

From me to you. Let love live in your hearts and in your homes.


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