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Introducing Mr and Mrs Mncube

A couple of years ago I remember lying on my bed at night, surrendering my everything to God. I was in so much emotional pain, I was miserable, I was in tears. I said the most deepest prayer I probably have ever made in my life. I still consider that conversation with God on that day the most deepest, powerful and closest I’ve been to God. I prayed about a lot of things, I am a praying woman generally, i’m not afraid of kneeling down.

I don’t want to reveal too much details about what the actual prayer was about but it included the man I need. What you need to know is that I have met him, and he is everything and more that I prayed for. How everything together just jelled. We didn’t have to force matters everything just fell into place and how we make each other feel, those close to us know it.

This reminded me about my favorite quote: What’s yours, will never pass you by!!! I now understood why my previous relationship didn’t work. There is a huge difference between my current and my past. Believe me if you’re not meant to be with a certain person, no matter how much you try to be with them it’ll never be. I remember telling munchkins (this is my husband pet name at home) that I prayed for him before I met him. I prayed to God that he prepares me first before I meet my other half. That God gets me right first so that when my Future comes along I’ll be able to recognize him and oh boy. I did!! It may not have been on the first glance but in a short period of time I realized yep this is him.

To my suprise we were sitting talking about life in general and he randomly out of the blue said I want to marry you one day! I want to have children with you! I want to build a home and a family with you! I was in total shock because I was at a point in my life where marriage and kids were a complete off idea. I told him I don’t know when I’ll want to be married or when I want to have my first child and that I wasn’t sure if I wanted kids or not. He looked at me calmly and said if you don’t want children it is fine. But I do want to marry you. This was probably in six months of us in a relationship. I was very shocked!!!!! Yah this man had intentions and was very clear on what they were.

Nonetheless months went by and his actions showed me how worthy of a man he is to fulfill the dreams he has of us in future. My heart warmed up to the marriage idea and having children. It then became our favorite topic to discuss plans of how we want our future to be and how we started planning for it together. This was before he proposed or even sent his uncles for lobola to my family we were already behaving like Mr & Mrs.

He later on told me that he once also prayed for a woman like me to God before he met me. He prayed for a best friend, companion, a wife and a mother to his children, And looking into my eyes he said he believes he has found his missing rib. I don’t think writing this would describe the beautiful feeling I had in my soul and heart at that moment. Looking into him and feeling those words fill me inside an empty space I didn’t know I even had.

I wouldn’t say our relationship is perfect. We fight like other people and wont talk to each other for a while until we’ve calmed down. But when we get along you’d swear we didn’t have a fight earlier on. We love each other like siblings. If I didn’t know I’d say I love him like a brother I never had. I’ve had to shape this man to be my husband just as he has shaped me to be his wife. We’ve both been learning everyday that we live we try to make our marriage better day by day.

Through the power of our prayers a few years back we are today Mr & Mrs Mncube. I’m a wife to my best friend. I’m his missing rib. My other half!!!

I know people ask about how he proposed!!! He he he. Someday I’ll write a special piece of how he actually caught me off guard one faithful evening and brought me to happy tears on his one knee with the bling bling on his hand. Funny !! he made me choose a ring design months earlier and oh well he had to wait for it to be made! He went as far as doing the trick while im sleeping to measure my finger and make sure the ring will fit, Until the special day came!!! off guard he called me by my full name 🙈🙈 Nokulunga Portia Mahlangu!!! Yuuuuuuuu my heart pumped so hard! my eyes filled with tears! i lost my voice! the rest is history!……

Our tradition is sooooo fascinating!!!! Taking a wife is quiet a process! Before we even get to lobola negotiations the culture we both had to perform to inform ancestors about welcoming a new member into our families. Those who have done It know how beautiful our tradition is.

Today I am Thulebona Mncube wife Mzilankatha!!!! I have a home to build, umyeni to take care of. Future to prepare for our children. Over all I have a life to celebrate and live. God to praise and always remember that we have and we are what we are because of the powers of the most high. If you know God! You’ll know how important maintaining that relationship is! Everything just follows. I’m not writing this to show off …. But someone somewhere will learn from this post and understand that we become what we say about ourselves. Therefore it is very important to speak life when you speak about yourself. I am the living proof.

With that! Enjoy love! And celebrate everyday God gives you with everyone around you.

From me to you. Let love live in your hearts and in your homes.


From the man in my life

I have neglected this baby of mine for too long now. life has been simply amazing. God continues to shower us with his abundant love. we are blessed.

For the past few week my Mister has been a really God sent angel. He has continued to show me love and great support day in day out. I recently got promoted at work to a senior position this added more responsibilities on my hand….. and little time to do everything. Yes i have an assistant now – who tries to make my days a walk in the park lol. but my biggest assistant is the man in my life, who wakes me up every morning and says god night ever night.

Anyway what brings me to writing this post is just the amazing love this man shows me everyday. Thulebona recently wrote a very very deep touching letter to me – he sent it towards the end of my day and i had had a not so great day, after reading it i couldn’t talk but was left with tears just how much another human being can love a soul like this.

unedited here it is:


The day you came into my life will be cherished always.
An angel sent from heaven above for my lonely heart to hold.
My heart is no longer lonely, but instead
filled with the wonder of a love like I’ve never known.

When you first held me, it was magical!
A touch no other but my soul mate could provide.
Truly the passion needed no words.

Your kiss on my lips is something I long for each day.
With a single kiss the intensity of your love so incredibly clear!

Your eyes melt me with emotion so intense it is beyond belief.
A caring and unconditional love that shines from them
that makes me shiver with excitement for our life to come.

Each day your smile fills my heart with a joy like no other.
Oh but to have you in my life is truly a blessing!

On the day we wed…
I promise to you yet again my unconditional love and devotion.
For I will cherish each day that God gives me with you,
our own little piece of heaven on earth.

I will love you always

Shocking things O_o

Lol yesterday I decided I won’t be writing about my personal life anymore! I’ve been monitoring the views on my blog lol and shocking increasing number each day bathong. So Thulebona was like: Maybe they want to check if you’re still inlove hahahahahaha! And we both laughed at this and made it a joke! So no more painting what my life is! Not everyone is happy about what they see in my life (kuwukuthi angazi bafunani on my blog nx tjatjarag gamors nje) anyway! For my life peace just because I won’t be posting anything about my family! My love! My friends please chill I’m still happy! Just not letting anyone cyber into my life anymore. So dzeal with it.


Happy birthday Mama.

Happy Birthday Mama!! Words cannot express the utmost respect and love I have for you! God has indeed Blessed me with a MOTHER! You are my role model, when I become a Mother, I want to Mother my kids in the same way you have Mothered me!! You are truly inspirational, all that you have done brings tears to my eyes! Your husband (uBaba) and I swear that you took a vow that your kids would become your life!!! I think you forgot about yourself and lived for your children! You forgot about yourself but never forgot to be a Mother! You live to be a Mom! You have dedicated your life to your kids. Everything you do is for us!! You were born to be a Mother! You schedule your life around us, as old as I am but I’m still “Lulu” you gave birth to many years ago! I don’t think there is anything you can do but to be a Mother!! I am grateful for you have shown me the depth of unconditional love… I will never be short of love for my Parents showered me with it in abundance! I take that with me to my future family… I fear being a Mother sometimes because I don’t want to give my kids less than what I was given but I am also excited at being a mother because I know I have you to guide me all the way… because the love I will give to my kids is the love I received from my Parents! Mama you are a true epitomy of a Mother! You always tell me being a mother is a full-time job…. I see it with you! ♥! May God keep you for more years as I would love for you to see your grand children. Your Husband watches you with Loving eyes and is probably saying-I chose the right woman to be the mother of my children and best of all the world greatest wife.

As I grew older I understand where your disciplines came from, and we started becoming friends because I could now see your no answers to my silly requests came from. You’re a wonderful wife, a friend but most importantly you’re a MOM to not just the kids you gave birth to but to every kid that walks into your home.
May God bless you richly and I know I won’t win the best daughter of the year award but in my deepest of deepest heart I know I’m one of the best thing in your life. I love you with everything I have. And I’m thankful for my one and only sibling. Our small family you and u-baba gave us. Seeing you guys all of us everyday makes me wish for my own family someday when I’m ready.

I trust I’ll make a good mother and wife one day and that’s because of your teachings, discipline, love,

I honestly am at the point where I understand you the most right now, and before making decisions these days I sometimes think of you and what you’ll tell me if I asked for help.

You’re grounded, down to earth, the worlds most trusting person. I’m happy Baba choose you out of everyone else to build a home with, I know me and him disagree most of the time. But the decision of you he deserves 100/100 he got it right.

If I were to die and come back to earth, I’d choose you to be my mother again and again and again.

Here’s to another year of love, happiness, asking for advises from me lol, tears,

Happy birthday Mama.


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Happy Summer

Hello Summer I have long waited for you, I’m glad you finally decided to grace us with your presence! Your cousin Winter was awesomely awesome this year lol. Myself and a lot of the people around me enjoyed that season! Some just over did things now I need to check my wallet for the next few month to come! I know I’ll be buying a lot of baby shower gifts 🙂 I’m going to be an Aunty to a lot of kids! Two have been confirmed already hahahaha.

Anyway I’m a summer baby! So nje happiness for the summer season is expected! I’m talking braai, music, fashion, dresses, shorts, happy people! Weddings, parties, shades, bright colour! Can we just talk about such happiness lol.

Since spring began I have been almost out every weekend! My Baybee goes where I go 🙂 so nje his in the program of out going people these days hahahahahaha. And yes he ENJOYS it!!!!

Shame we got so disappointed because we wanted to go to the to one of South Africas famous comedy shot! *Shucks* tickets got sold out 😦 but ke! We always have plan B and C. And nje its going to be too nice. Went out on a couples massage! Lord knows how much we needed it!

To you and you and you! Enough time spent indoors during winter! Go out, be with people and enjoy the colourful season. And go to gym *hides* and eat lots of food! And be safe! Stay happy all the time. Life is not that bad I promise you!

Since ya’ll know I am miss delete and block people these days and I mean this in life not just cyber only. I can now count the friends I have and yohhhh kumnandi hey! My life is at ease. My last post was very short! And my so called “ex friends” asked zikhiphani!!!???? Tjo! Can I just have a pause moment and not take such insulting questions to my heart! I’ll die of heart torture if I continue entertaining such emotional bullies.

Anyway enjoy yourselves! Your family, friends, work, and your somebody lol. And go on holidays shame! Forget the days of visiting gogo when you had free time! Travel the world! I know I’ll be far away!

Remember my take a shot left trip advise. For those of you (like me) lol who travel ka budget just go out and do fun. I won’t be near the beach this year! But in a more quiet peaceful place! With small number of people, And my chocolate delicious hunk lol (that’s his pat name at home) ofcourse!!

Enjoy the season kids! Its beautiful, bright, hot!!!! Mabajabule abantu.

Be safe and stay with love.


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I’m Happy, Complete, and Content with my life, I’m free and never been this excited about each day as it comes.

I don’t feel like writing an essay today but this is the long and short of where I am right now.

Count your blessings kids, and always thank God for the small and Big that he blesses you with it is so refreshing.


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Birthday – weekend Getaway

My man turned a year older on the 1st of August and we had a great evening: dinner, movie…. We didn’t want to go over bored on the day as we had planned a Shot-Left weekend together, oh no but he still got his gift which he opened the day after because of getting home super late that evening.

I gave him a chance to pick anywhere he wants to go in the country for a weekend away to finish off his birthday celebration. After I failed months earlier to choose a place for him. Lol haish I was busy. And wow he picked a place within a day…… wait for it, wait for it, he choose Drakensburg.

Okay for those of you that don’t know my man, he is a proud Zulu man, and sometimes he speaks Zulu I don’t understand lol. A while back he used to talk about (we should take a drive around KZN and watch ukhahlamba. Kwaaaaa I didn’t know what Ukhahlamba is people. Sorry I’m not a snob, and I’m not Zulu either. But ke now I know what ukhahlamba is…….

Anyway 3rd August we left Jwanasburg…. Thulebona respects time bandla tjo 10:00 is 10:00 not 10:01!!!! No but like for real for real he does. He took a day off for that day as we planned to leave just before 12. Guess what time we left?????? 14:30…. Because his girlfriend is such a worksholic….. I planned to leave the office at 11:00 and rush home, mind you I still needed to pack L…. I actually left work at 13:00 yohhhh the embarrassment I felt when I saw him. *claps once* I guess his now used to me being late LOL. But we’ve made a deal on how to work with me around time.

Enroute N3 via Harrismith onramp……. The drive to Drakensburg. We both were soooooo excited and kissed a lot. And a lot and a lot. And talked so much and planned what we were going to do when we get to our destination. Woah wait did I mention I had my work laptop on my lap as he was driving? Kwaaaaaa no he is not kidding when he says I’m a workaholic LOL. But I plan to change. It was just the two of us yall can imagine the bonding this gave us…. To leave drama that Joburg has, and all the rush and tjatjarag people I won’t even bother to waste my time typing their names.

Thulebona makes Plan A and Plan B when he plans, he had printed the map incase the GPS looses connection. Yep that is my superman kids. He probably also has plan C which he doesn’t tell me about. That’s how organised he is.
So the map estimated +-4 hours drive we were starving and decided to stop at the first garage and get food and all energy drinks to last us until atleast closer to the place. By the way I eventually closed my laptop and gave him my full attention. Even switched off my work phone too.
Leaving GP almost 15:00 we had estimated to arrive around 18:30/19:00. We passed Harrismith, haai no it’s far shem…..we made laughs of the cars and people we saw, and made good jokes we both understand. A very very long drive this was. He is soo strong I didn’t even have to take the wheel, he drove all the way .
It was now almost 18:30 and it’s still winter therefore it gets dark very quickly. And we started getting worried to drive in a town we didn’t know of…. Finally we passed a small town called Winterton….. I felt *halala we now in the Zulu land* as the GPS said 20km to your destination.

We finally arrived. Parked and checked in the place is the hostess was very welcoming and kinda LOUD and had such a big smile. Woahhhh I forgot to mention they had our reservation as Mr and Mrs Mncube. I don’t know if it was an error from the hotel or Thulebona but he didn’t seem bothered to make them fix it. We were ushered to our (Garden Rondaval), standard hotel, Bed, Mirror, Bathroom that was separate from the toilet… shocked us both . And the display to have your coffes and store whatever food you have. the thing about baby and I is we love clean things, the first thing we checked right when we checked in…. was the cleanliness. And our room was super clean kids. We were exhausted, and just wanted to eat and freshen up… it was late to view the place….. first thing that Thulebona said was he could see the stars clearer than at home. Haai he loves imvelo bandla…. Me on the other hand…. I hardly look at the sky at night when I’m at home so what he saw I didn’t see HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway we went to the dining room….. yes the place serves 6 course menu dinner… elke evening. Yohhh have you ever mara!!!! We indulged with the delicious food we were served with. Thoroughly enjoyed, the waiters were such warm hearted people who served each plate with a smile. Not these joburg people that just want money they forget what a service is nx. Which reminds me about the girl who served us on baybees birthday she was so rude I refused to tip her…. But that’s a story for another day.
Went back to our room, freshened up…. *coughs* you don’t need details of what a night we had. But it was AMAZING no Such a BOMB.
Saturday 4th – day two of our stay. Breakfast *breakfast *breakfast*. We love food shem end of the story. Well served breakie. And a lot of options one could choose from. Right after breakfast we Took a walk… the place was stunning. You have to be there to experience this.
Went to freshen up drove out to see (Ukhahlamba) that my handsome always talks about. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.
You see how beautiful our Mzansi is? Don’t be tjatjarag and visit bo Paris and America first before you see your home land….. it was HOT, but love the landscape.
We finally came back to the hotel and got served lunch. Another 10/10 rate… haai shem whoever their Chefs are we wanted to take them home with us….. LOL. And from that we went outside to lay and bask in the sun and 1 hour passed we both dozed off and woke up in the afternoon. We took a walk along the river that was next to the hotel… and climbed on a mini khahlamba hahahhahahha. Broke a nail , but he had my hand all the time. I was out of breath you can imagine…. But it was such a beautiful walk… we both enjoyed it. Reached the river,

this is baby personal favourite:and i like this too:
God has blessed me with a handsome man 🙂 the birthday boy .

Got to talk a little and came back to our room. It was almost 6. Decided to lay in bed and talk……. *Always does wonders* take notes kids.
It started getting chilly. And we got under blankets, 20:00 Dinner time….. all we could think of was the options they serve lol. I told you baby and I love food. We enjoyed the food again and decided to go sit by the fire place and chill together as the other room they had a dance what what.

Thulebona loves sport so we decided to also go to the tv room and catch up on the Olympics. Found two old couple there who were very nice to us since we had arrived.

And it was after 10:00 we went to bed. It started drizzling that night. I love rain by the way. We were super exhausted fell asleep with our cloths on and woke up in the middle of the night and took them off.
Sunday 5th Last day for us at the Nest. Breakfast. Enjoyed as usual. Packed and checked out by 10:00. Another +-4 hours drive head of us back to Jozi maboneng…….. Metro fm is such a good radio station mawuhleli no Darly on a Sunday.
(I have to share this picture, each time you leave the hotel this guy would give you a salute hamba kahle sign) such gesture we both loved.

And folks that is the long and short of how we spent honey’s birthday weekend away. He was a happy man going home and as the woman in his life nothing felt fulfilling to hear him say thank you honey. Well that is important next to the I love you words.
This weekend gave us so much pleasure, and getting even more closer together. We’ve been through *ish already and trust me when I say shit. The weekend did our relationship a world of good, despite everything that has happened we both don’t regret ever trying to make us work. Because all of it has been soooo worth it.
He got to know another side of me of laughing for days for 1 thing. And I learned something else about him too. Which I don’t need to share with you.
For what it’s worth, those in relationships/marriages take a weekend away together, no matter how long you’ve been involved with each other just get away from your norm and be in a whole new world for a couple of days, and see how alive your love will come. And happy.
It’s done us good justice and I’m sure it could work for other people too.
Until next time.

we took a lot of pictures, sadly we cant upload all, some of our own personal eyes to see lol. but i’m sure this gives an idea of how awesome our weekend was.

From Thulebona and i

let love live in your hearts and in your homes.