Birthday – weekend Getaway

My man turned a year older on the 1st of August and we had a great evening: dinner, movie…. We didn’t want to go over bored on the day as we had planned a Shot-Left weekend together, oh no but he still got his gift which he opened the day after because of getting home super late that evening.

I gave him a chance to pick anywhere he wants to go in the country for a weekend away to finish off his birthday celebration. After I failed months earlier to choose a place for him. Lol haish I was busy. And wow he picked a place within a day…… wait for it, wait for it, he choose Drakensburg.

Okay for those of you that don’t know my man, he is a proud Zulu man, and sometimes he speaks Zulu I don’t understand lol. A while back he used to talk about (we should take a drive around KZN and watch ukhahlamba. Kwaaaaa I didn’t know what Ukhahlamba is people. Sorry I’m not a snob, and I’m not Zulu either. But ke now I know what ukhahlamba is…….

Anyway 3rd August we left Jwanasburg…. Thulebona respects time bandla tjo 10:00 is 10:00 not 10:01!!!! No but like for real for real he does. He took a day off for that day as we planned to leave just before 12. Guess what time we left?????? 14:30…. Because his girlfriend is such a worksholic….. I planned to leave the office at 11:00 and rush home, mind you I still needed to pack L…. I actually left work at 13:00 yohhhh the embarrassment I felt when I saw him. *claps once* I guess his now used to me being late LOL. But we’ve made a deal on how to work with me around time.

Enroute N3 via Harrismith onramp……. The drive to Drakensburg. We both were soooooo excited and kissed a lot. And a lot and a lot. And talked so much and planned what we were going to do when we get to our destination. Woah wait did I mention I had my work laptop on my lap as he was driving? Kwaaaaaa no he is not kidding when he says I’m a workaholic LOL. But I plan to change. It was just the two of us yall can imagine the bonding this gave us…. To leave drama that Joburg has, and all the rush and tjatjarag people I won’t even bother to waste my time typing their names.

Thulebona makes Plan A and Plan B when he plans, he had printed the map incase the GPS looses connection. Yep that is my superman kids. He probably also has plan C which he doesn’t tell me about. That’s how organised he is.
So the map estimated +-4 hours drive we were starving and decided to stop at the first garage and get food and all energy drinks to last us until atleast closer to the place. By the way I eventually closed my laptop and gave him my full attention. Even switched off my work phone too.
Leaving GP almost 15:00 we had estimated to arrive around 18:30/19:00. We passed Harrismith, haai no it’s far shem…..we made laughs of the cars and people we saw, and made good jokes we both understand. A very very long drive this was. He is soo strong I didn’t even have to take the wheel, he drove all the way .
It was now almost 18:30 and it’s still winter therefore it gets dark very quickly. And we started getting worried to drive in a town we didn’t know of…. Finally we passed a small town called Winterton….. I felt *halala we now in the Zulu land* as the GPS said 20km to your destination.

We finally arrived. Parked and checked in the place is the hostess was very welcoming and kinda LOUD and had such a big smile. Woahhhh I forgot to mention they had our reservation as Mr and Mrs Mncube. I don’t know if it was an error from the hotel or Thulebona but he didn’t seem bothered to make them fix it. We were ushered to our (Garden Rondaval), standard hotel, Bed, Mirror, Bathroom that was separate from the toilet… shocked us both . And the display to have your coffes and store whatever food you have. the thing about baby and I is we love clean things, the first thing we checked right when we checked in…. was the cleanliness. And our room was super clean kids. We were exhausted, and just wanted to eat and freshen up… it was late to view the place….. first thing that Thulebona said was he could see the stars clearer than at home. Haai he loves imvelo bandla…. Me on the other hand…. I hardly look at the sky at night when I’m at home so what he saw I didn’t see HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway we went to the dining room….. yes the place serves 6 course menu dinner… elke evening. Yohhh have you ever mara!!!! We indulged with the delicious food we were served with. Thoroughly enjoyed, the waiters were such warm hearted people who served each plate with a smile. Not these joburg people that just want money they forget what a service is nx. Which reminds me about the girl who served us on baybees birthday she was so rude I refused to tip her…. But that’s a story for another day.
Went back to our room, freshened up…. *coughs* you don’t need details of what a night we had. But it was AMAZING no Such a BOMB.
Saturday 4th – day two of our stay. Breakfast *breakfast *breakfast*. We love food shem end of the story. Well served breakie. And a lot of options one could choose from. Right after breakfast we Took a walk… the place was stunning. You have to be there to experience this.
Went to freshen up drove out to see (Ukhahlamba) that my handsome always talks about. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.
You see how beautiful our Mzansi is? Don’t be tjatjarag and visit bo Paris and America first before you see your home land….. it was HOT, but love the landscape.
We finally came back to the hotel and got served lunch. Another 10/10 rate… haai shem whoever their Chefs are we wanted to take them home with us….. LOL. And from that we went outside to lay and bask in the sun and 1 hour passed we both dozed off and woke up in the afternoon. We took a walk along the river that was next to the hotel… and climbed on a mini khahlamba hahahhahahha. Broke a nail , but he had my hand all the time. I was out of breath you can imagine…. But it was such a beautiful walk… we both enjoyed it. Reached the river,

this is baby personal favourite:and i like this too:
God has blessed me with a handsome man 🙂 the birthday boy .

Got to talk a little and came back to our room. It was almost 6. Decided to lay in bed and talk……. *Always does wonders* take notes kids.
It started getting chilly. And we got under blankets, 20:00 Dinner time….. all we could think of was the options they serve lol. I told you baby and I love food. We enjoyed the food again and decided to go sit by the fire place and chill together as the other room they had a dance what what.

Thulebona loves sport so we decided to also go to the tv room and catch up on the Olympics. Found two old couple there who were very nice to us since we had arrived.

And it was after 10:00 we went to bed. It started drizzling that night. I love rain by the way. We were super exhausted fell asleep with our cloths on and woke up in the middle of the night and took them off.
Sunday 5th Last day for us at the Nest. Breakfast. Enjoyed as usual. Packed and checked out by 10:00. Another +-4 hours drive head of us back to Jozi maboneng…….. Metro fm is such a good radio station mawuhleli no Darly on a Sunday.
(I have to share this picture, each time you leave the hotel this guy would give you a salute hamba kahle sign) such gesture we both loved.

And folks that is the long and short of how we spent honey’s birthday weekend away. He was a happy man going home and as the woman in his life nothing felt fulfilling to hear him say thank you honey. Well that is important next to the I love you words.
This weekend gave us so much pleasure, and getting even more closer together. We’ve been through *ish already and trust me when I say shit. The weekend did our relationship a world of good, despite everything that has happened we both don’t regret ever trying to make us work. Because all of it has been soooo worth it.
He got to know another side of me of laughing for days for 1 thing. And I learned something else about him too. Which I don’t need to share with you.
For what it’s worth, those in relationships/marriages take a weekend away together, no matter how long you’ve been involved with each other just get away from your norm and be in a whole new world for a couple of days, and see how alive your love will come. And happy.
It’s done us good justice and I’m sure it could work for other people too.
Until next time.

we took a lot of pictures, sadly we cant upload all, some of our own personal eyes to see lol. but i’m sure this gives an idea of how awesome our weekend was.

From Thulebona and i

let love live in your hearts and in your homes.


Happy Birthday

My best friend, my lover, my partner, my critic, my advisor, my man, my pillar of strength….. My other half. I don’t have enough words to describe what a Superman you are to me.

This day is yours to celebrate and look at the life you’ve had, you’ve come a long way my love. And you’ve done so well. Wishing God blesses you immensely!!!

I love you so much hun, and I know I tell you this everyday! But today please understand it and don’t read this as words I just wrote for you. I love you Thulebona…. You’re an amazing man and having you in my life has brought so much sunshine.

You’ve held my hand in my weakest sad moments and told me everything is going to be okay. You’ve smiled and always had your way of calming me down when I’ve hit the wall. You’ve cried and shed tears together with me. You’ve kissed me good nights and good mornings everyday since the day we fell in love. You’re an amazing man. You’ve given me smiles and good laughs.

The surprises you always have for me…. What a sport you are. The flowers, the random kisses. And I love youz, the drive when I’m sick to my house, the breakfast and dinners prepared with love don’t go unnoticed baby.

This post is for you and who you are. I’m not the kinda girl that believes in heroes but dayyaam handsome you’re my superman for real for real. Thank you for being you and not compromising yourself to accommodate me, thank you for dreaming together with me. Thank you for telling me there are bigger dreams out there. Thank you for being the hard worker you are and for being the best man a girl could have.

The forehead kisses, the thought of you that gives my stomach feel butterflies. The tear drops you give sometimes when you tell me you love me.

Nothing you do goes unnoticed.

I like what you said the other day: “I’m growing” how you’ve looked at getting a year older as an important thing that one needs to look at. You’re maturing.

I wish God blesses you in all your dreams, hard work and our union.

Crossing fingers you love your present tonight. And the things we planned together.

From me to you, I love you hun.

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Religion vs Tradition

The other day I had a very interesting talk with Thuli, we talked about Tradition and Religion – how those two combine, that’s if they ever do.

My man is Traditional and he understands amasiko better than Religion, that’s how he was brought up. So he does what he knows. Myself on the other hand I’m more of a “Spiritual” person. I don’t like to say I am Religious because I feel it is discriminatory, I prefer the word spiritual because its more of my soul and belief.

We all come from different homes, we were all brought up differently. We were each taught different beliefs, the grown ups that we are today – we do what we know and will pass it onto our children later aswell.

Now my argument comes in – how do we combine the two together. When a couple with a different belief background get together, how do they find a common ground where they both can practice their belief without the other undermining the other? I know a couple that are friends of mine who recently got engaged! God bless their union. The girl was just in the situation as me aswell. But now before they could even start the lobola negotiations – the guy said to her if you want to be my wife you need to follow, respect my belief which is Christianity. And Christianity doesn’t do amadlozi. Now the girlfriend had to quit her belief because she did want to get married to the guy. Its been a year since they’ve been married and it seems they are doing good.

My question is could we/they not find a common ground to both respect each others beliefs without the other party sacrificing their own??? Like this is also happening between friends too. My friends. Even at home. I grew up in the name of isonto, and some of my friend believe in amadlozi! I don’t judge peoples beliefs and values in life. Instead I investigate why they chose one over the other. I prefer to rather understand instead of being ignorant. But I still have un answered question of how people can join those two worlds together with the sacrifise of giving up what you know.

Maybe I need to sit with elders and rather ask them this. I doubt my generation would know.

Anyway I’ll continue investigating. If you have any idea asemblief tog. Do share.


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The Book of Life

I’m a bible reader. I’m not doing it daily as I used to do, but its purely because I’m too lazy! Not because of time. I have even bunked church these past weekends – and I blame it on weather.

For those that still get shocked that I’m a church goer, and I pray. Seriously dudes I am. I’ve always been a woman of faith. From the days when my grandmother still lived (Sunday School) I grew up in church. Lol I honestly don’t know why people don’t believe I am a spiritual being. Kuyadabukisa ukuzwa lokhu yazi lol.

I feel I’m missing something in my life. And I woke up today and remembered how I used to live by the book of life (Bible). So much has happened in my life these past few months, I started a new relationship, haai its not anymore lol. I’m even getting my man start attending church lol! I’m still struggling ngoba his only been to my Home church once during Easter lol.

I started on a new job. Its keeping me busy and I’m forever exhausted.

I repaired old broken friendship!

I made new friends, I still need to make time for them lol. I started really twitting and I’m glad I understand it now. I bbm less these days. And I’m less on texts and phone calls. I am sort of boring now. Settled! And calm! And I love it.

I’m really thankful for all the new developments in my life. My life is really at its peak, and it is all thanks to God.

But I want to get to my Spiritual self again. So my task this week is to read the bible and pray everyday. I want to tithe in Church again… And perhaps get back into fasting. I want those around me to be just as happy as I am. Ngoba I really really am in a good space. I feel so much love inside me. I have peace and my dreams have just got bigger. I believe in life again. I have a wonderful family. That gives support anytime of the day. I have minimised on friends. And less gish gish vibes.

My real friends have said I stay in (Maratongfontein) hahaha maybe yes I am. But who wouldn’t want to stay here if it makes one so free spirited and happy.

In a nutshel about this post. I am getting back in touch with God. And starting my new communication channel with him on a daily basis.

Proverbs 3v5. One day at a time.

From me to you! Amen.


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The wonderful season winter is

We get four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer Autumn.

So we are now at the end of Autumn and getting right into winter lol! I purely love this season because of my skin, and hate it because I’m forced to wear many clothes therefore I ignore how much calories I take and boom clothes don’t fit no more but oh well whose watching who lol. It is such a relaxing season. I also love it for the nice coats, and boots and hats. I’m a fashion frenzy kinda girl Ow-Ka-y!!!

I’ve heard others say it is the season to get partners with extra meat in their bones to keep them warm during those cold cold days hahaahahahhahahah do people still think that way? *shocked* I read on twitter Somizi wrote something like “if you’re about to dump your partner, just hang in there until the winter season is over, Kuyabanda bantu” kwaaaahahahahhahaha now this cracked me up clearly people still think that way ke.

Anyway my man says it is the season to stay longer in bed hahahahaha. But ke winter days have long nights and short days anyway. Before you know it we’ll all be hitting the gym again to burn the fat and making sure when Spring comes we all look as fly as we can be.

I honestly love winter for many many reasons. This is one period that you’ll find me at home almost every weekend because I’d rather keep warm indoors with loved once (Family) and I’m not sociable at all in winter. So excuse me when I don’t arrange or agree to any gatherings that you may have.

It is one period to stay home and indulge in soups and whatever food there is to pass time and listen to those long once upon a time stories from old folks, or spend quality time with your loved one, friends must just take a breath for the next 8-10 weeks hahahha angdlali kanjani. Amagish gish awame kancane.

But people bafosta and still go out. Hey they gotta show their fashion akere?!?! Yah, and still those in the hunt to get those partners required for the season LMAO!

But ke it is such a lovely season, everything looks dull outside. So make sure you’re keeping it colourful inside your homes and in your hearts. Create those memories with your close once. I know my loved one and I have zillion plans to keep us busy.

To the rest of you hunnies I know some of yall can only think of getting jiggy jiggy with it. But whatever you do scrutinize hahahahhaha *straight face* eish the bunnies will start showing when Summer comes lol. And enjoy the season.

Laugh, have fun, keep warm, make sure you enjoy your food and don’t worry about calories… And still rock those awesome many clothes winter fashion has. From me to you and you and you its love, love and love straight from my heart to you.

Whatever you do please enjoy the wonderful season winter is ♥.


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I feel Hurt!!!!!!!!!

I’m having a pause moment, I’ve stopped, taking a breath! And analysing Lunga.

I tried, I struggled, I cried, I smiled, I’ve been happy, I’ve had my weakest moments, I’ve had my darkest days!…. And I’ve had my orgasm days! These past months my emotions have been nowhere but in a rolercoster!

Too many things involved in my life – and here I thought I’d cut all the clutter from previous years! Physically yes, I’ve kicked out the toxic people! but I’m still carrying some baggage inside me and it is becoming heavier and heavier with each trouble/worry/misunderstanding I come across!

I feel weak! No that’s an understatement. I feel NUMB! Lost feelings, I feel not hurt sometimes, I cry dry tears! I yell at myself for ever allowing ME to feel that way! Lunga you supposed to love yourself soo much you shouldn’t be experiencing this. I feel invisible some days! Do I BiPolar?

I’m tired, damn I’m exhausted! I’m tired of being too much of a friend I can’t be my own friend anymore. I miss Lunga! The free spirited, never mind, bubbly, out spoken for ever laughing kid! Is this part supposed to be “growing up”??? What went wrong. How did I end up like this – is it because I gave out too much of myself to people I forgot I needed my own attention?

I’ve allowed people to get into my life! And let them do as they please, and I would wrap it up with “its fine” tick!!! heck I’m gatvol! I’m fed up understanding. I’m sick to the core of my stomach to hear Lunga I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry, Lunga I didn’t realise it made you feel that way, I’m sorry!


I don’t know how many times I get upset in a day, and I never tell people that the things they did actually hurt me! Maybe I have too much baggage inside me, I need to seek help to offload! Maybe I need anger Management . A normal person shouldn’t be like this, correct?

How did I let myself stay in such a dark place! Why did I allow my precious Lunga suffer alone like this. It hurts, its heavy, its deeper than what meets my smile and my conversations! Its a wound that is taking forever to heal.

Some days I feel complete, at peace and calm. Ignoring things makes it easy some days! Other days I’ll stay on the phone for hours with friends in tears, crying my eyes out trying to explain how hurt I feel! When I feel upset I let my feelings do as they please. My mind will end up playing tricks on me.

Its too much! Its enough! These days I find it easier to confide in a stranger than close people, I don’t want to destroy the good I’m still left with! I want Lunga, the real one back! Gosh the watchers are not making it easy too…. I wish to be left alone! Let me deal with me first and I’ll deal with the rest later – its only fair that way. Fighting me now, screaming @ me, not talking to me aint going to fix it!

Dear past, leave me alone. Our race is done, old friends: I guess it was for a season or a reason and definitely not a lifetime. Dear anonymous: please introduce yourself to me, I’m not as bad as I look I promise – enough with the private calls! Dear present: let’s make it work.

I’m done here!

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Love tickles me

Love tickles me

His not perfect, I’m not either, I smile when I think of him because he makes me happy, I yell at him when he makes me mad, I miss him when his not around me, I know he doesn’t think about me all the time – yet he gave me a part of him that I could break *His Heart*, I won’t hurt him, I will give him all the love I have which he deserves. His not perfect, but he is perfect for me.

Off guard he noticed me, he took notice of me, yes he noticed me,

We both came from different backgrounds, have different beliefs, shared almost different dreams….. Really! Could we work, is this right, Lunga what are you doing…. Those are a few things I asked myself when we started getting close. Yes I liked him, I enjoyed our daily conversations, how he presented himself to me. He was such a gentlemen. And damn handsome. Kodwa his life was what I tried to run away from!

I look at us now – damn opposites do attract!

This man taught me patience. No wait he showed me patience. Ofcourse we would hang out, planned this and that, called each other an item….. But I still wasn’t sure we will be where we are today. I thought we’d be done before one could finish the word re-la-ti-on-sh-ip.

Aha we are still together, beating the odds that didn’t believe in us. For every downfall, every fight, every argument we’ve had has brought us even closer. Yes we’ve had our first maybe second fight/argument. But its never hurt like this before. I still don’t see myself being anywhere else but with him! He has been in my life for a moment but his presence is felt and seen. The happiness he brings me is unexplainable, He has made an impact a positive one. And is now such a special person. When I’m troubled his the first I think of to cry to, when I’m happy he is the one I call and share the news with. He has become a friend of mine. I can share anything with him. Yes we are buddies. He is my partner, my friend, the one I talk to everyday. He is my other part.

He is my love. He is my man, he is my friend, he is what I prayed for from God and more. He is what I call my dream man. He happened to be in my life when my soul was troubled! And wiped away all the pain I had carried with me for so long. He made me believe in love again, he brings sunshine and happiness with him. He gave me good days. And yah 1 or 2 sad days but that’s what makes him human, he is a living being that is not perfect. He makes his mistakes and learns from them. I’m glad he acknowledges them

He speaks to me in a manner a man should speak to his woman. He treats me the way I want to be treated. I am such a happy woman knowing I have him in my life.

I see my kids through him! I see a man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I wish his mom where she is knows that she raised a man, a real good man and he is making a woman very happy, yes ME happy! His mother did well, I’m sure she is proud of him and herself. I wish to have met her just to say thank you for the man he raised up.

His name is Thulebona! Don’t be asking me about his surname. You’ll start to google him lol. His taken. His mine.

This is him! What I have waited for….. This morning he said to me “the saying good things are worth waiting for” then I am the example. He says all the right words. He is a dream I don’t wish to wake up from.

I pray for God to protect him, and be with us in everything we do! He is my Thulebona. What is important to him, is important to me. His son, his work, his happiness, his worries and alles.

He is the man that makes me happy, next to my dad! May we grow together and our love. And achieve all the dreams we’ve set for ourselves. And may I continue to respect him, cherish him, and remind him he is loved and is important. May we be happy and stick together through the good and the bad.


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